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Custom design is a specialty of ours! We will work closely with you from first design consultation all the way to project completion. Our studio offers products made using many different decorative glass processes including: overlay, slumped, stained, beveled, leaded, etched, laminated, textured, colored, and iron art glass.

Overlay Decorative Glass

One of our unique decorative glass processes is Overlay Decorative Glass. Utilizing a unique process combining multiple materials (glass, lead, multi-layered laminates, bevels, jewels, etc.) to form a solid piece of decorative art glass. The finished product has the look and feel of traditional stained glass, but with the strength and integrity of a solid piece of safety glass. Each piece is custom designed to meet the needs and desires of our individual customers and can be installed over, or in place of, existing glass. With over 300 colors and textures available and complete design flexibility, Overlay Decorative Glass is a great solution for a wide range of decorative glass applications.

We have different methods of decorating shower enclosures.
Overlay Decorative Glass, glass etching, textured glass and Slumped Glass.
Slumped Glass is embossed, kiln-formed art glass for virtually all architectural applications. The creators of Slumped Glass are a leader in their field and are responsible for pioneering, developing and evolving kiln-formed glass technology.


For many years, Slumped Glass was used almost exclusively by esteemed architects and interior designers in their upscale commercial and hospitality projects. An extensive array of standard and custom Slumped Glass solutions may now be commissioned for all manner of residential and business applications. The possibilities are endless! Slumped Glass can be configured to accept any glass hardware, can be made in almost any size, thickness, and shape, and provides results that continue to inspire "oohs and ahhs."


In translucent applications, Slumped Glass provides natural diffusion, for privacy, while permitting 100% light transmission. It meets codes for safety glass and requires very little maintenance.

Builder and Architects

If you are a builder or architect, we are eager to discuss with you all types of decorative glass applications such as Overlay designer Glass or tradition stained glass projects for entryways, windows, light boxes, restaurant booth dividers, signs or ceiling panels and domes. We also offer color laminated glass, electric privacy glass, slumped and fused glass, textured glass as well as Iron art decorative faux iron for your projects. Get in touch with us for your next project.